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Goes down like a Stone

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The seventh song to the Replugged Singles is a Rock piece about feeling disturbance. I guess everybody knows times when thoughts and circumstances afflict you, and the only time to find to find rest from, is being busy with other things so the mind won't find the time to worry.
Musically the song starts off with a plain acoustic guitar and a Blues feeling, to jump into a Heavy Rock feel with the first Chorus. Personally the Solo entry gives me pleasure with it's little diminished run, as i consider it a real good description of this 'weird' feeling.

You can find a Blog Series about the Production and creation of my sound on Hive: My Setup as a One Man Guitar Band

The Idea

I play acoustic guitar, sing, and love to write songs.
Mostly describing how life feels to me in certain moments, I barely tell big stories, but try to capture the impressions of a point in time. To put it another way: my songs are snapshots, taken from my life.
Since i have discovered the acoustic guitar, i try with all kinds of techniques (especially rythmic knocking ;) to give the songs a more Band like feel and sound. I don't even shy away treating the acoustic guitar like an electric one, trying to get even closer to the idea of a 'One Man Guitar Band'.

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  1. Black Magic - 2017
  2. Desire - 2018
  3. Tuesday (Replugged) - 2018
  4. Goodbye - 2018
  5. Just Survivors - 2019
  6. Steel City Limits - 2019
  7. Goes down like a Stone - 2021
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