On 16th of August, 'Steel City Limits' the 6th song to the replugged Singles was released!


Playing Style

Basicaly i know two ways to play live. I can do it "unplugged", in this case the only gear beneath my guitar is a stereo microfone and a second one for vocals. The other way is the "re-plugged" way, using the built in pick ups, and a lot of peripheral gear including a PA.

AcG_image Unplugged Set:
This one is ment for a "cosy" small environment, like house concerts and small places. Therefore i simply need my guitar, and an audience willing to listen. I play original songs, and a few covers which are done instrumental quite times, but not solely. The set is going to last about an hour (with a little plus). If you are interested in me playing at your place, giving a house concert, email me or go for the Log In, for detailed information.

Re-plugged Set:
That's when i plug in the guitar! Means it's getting quite a bit louder compared to unplugged. This set is ment for public gigs and a bigger audience. There is plenty of technique used to modify the sound and making it loud and visible. Yet again, it's a mixture of originals and covers, with only a few instrumental tunes. This set is perfect for gigs with other artists and bands. Max. performance length is 1 1/2h.

Do you have any further questions? Send me an .

If you are logged in, you will see a cost calculator here to approximate costs for a live show!


My main instrument is a Martin. Due to its design, the guitar is perfectly fitting for finger style techniques, and produces enough tone for unplugged appearances. Additional to the built in pick up system, a microfone is mounted inside the body. There are backup guitars, like a Baby Taylor, i preferably use for slide play.(e.g. nasty rumors of the Album One was recorded with that one).
Effects like reverb, modulation are added via a preamp, while seperated direct signals are sent to the amplifier and mixer. The additional microfone from the Martin supports the percussive part of my playing and is also sent to mixer. All mixer in signals are processed with dynamics and reverb and distributed to F.O.H. and Monitoring. The devices are controlled by an FCB 1010 footboard, tuned with an UnO chip, to provide additional features (like stomp box...). For safety reasons this controller board exists a second time.
For small venues up to 80 persons, it is possible to provide P.A. and Lights. Details can be found at the Log In or on the Stage and Equipment video here.

By context of my unplugged set, i can also be booked with the two austrian authors, Andrea Lammer and Hans Baeck.