On 16th of August, 'Steel City Limits' the 6th song to the replugged Singles was released!


Even if i play a few instruments more, the guitar always was my preferred and main instrument. Since my beginnings i had favoured the electric guitar, and was happy to be a sideman and composer for bands and projects. Within that context i did anything from broadcast stinger, alternative Rock, Hip Hop acts to Jazz, and production. (You can find anecdotes at the log in)
I got a good education in electrical engineering and a solid musical training. Mix those Fields and you get Sound engineering. I did a lot of production and specialised on backline for electrical instruments. Those skills led to places and situations around the world that gave me insights far beyond music.
I also do a little teaching, but that's more of a hobby. For that reason i did an online course for music theorie you can access here.

AcG_image Whatever I have done, it brought me here, and makes me create the music i do. Things in live can happen by the wink of an eye, and can create new beings each day.

It was 2014, and i was listening to finger style music, when i got an idea on what to do with that. First i had to figure out what the thing on finger style is, and started practising (and i still practice, and practice...). It was basicly not about finger style i was after, i was looking for a way to express my ideas on guitar without the context of a band. There is so much music that had and has impact on me, and i don't care about genres, i like music. So i should have room to spare in creating new tunes;)
Why Ac G and not Anthony? My civil name is a quite common one, so i tried to find something else, and coincidences led to that. While a friend and me were driving around and pondering on the topic, we turned on the car's AC. So we joked around that "AC" is something basicly cool and got the first letters to 'ac'oustic guitar. So it turned out that we just added the G for guitar, and it was..., simple. When i distributed my songs to radio stations, they started to introduce me as A,C,G or spelled it like ace g. I really liked that sound so much, that i have gone for it, and voila, Ac(e) G.